Windows 10 profile issues

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Some issues can be caused by user profile corruption.  See these articles to assist in cleaning up.

Option 1

Step 1:

Enable Built Admin account.

a) Press Windows key + X key and click on Command Prompt (admin).

 b) Type net user administrator /active: yes

Note: Please follow the same steps and type net user administrator /active: no to disable default admin account after the troubleshooting is done.

Step 2.

Login to the built in admin account and create a new user account. You can also try running the Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter. It’s an automated tool that can find and automatically fix some problems. Refer to the following link to run the troubleshooter. (Run the Microsoft Account Troubleshooter only if you login to the Windows 10 through Microsoft account)

Microsoft Account Troubleshooter

Option 2:

If that does not work, or if your missing data, check your windows profile to ensure it’s not corrupted. Follow these directions.

Longer instructions here.