Best number and date/time to reach you
This is for the price of the computer only. If you need me to setup computer, transfer data, install programs, etc then count on another ~$119
I only recommend refurbished business-class computers. They have been used a few years by a company and are generally in perfect condition and have been overhauled by a reseller and updated. They will also come with the same warranty of 1 year as a new computer.
This is how much data you are currently storing on your hard drive. Most people use under a 100gig unless they have TONS of pictures or videos. To find out, go to your computer and open up File Explorer and search for your C drive, right click on C drive and view properties and look for how much space is used
These are programs that require a purchase and will need either a CD or Product key. These are programs that can NOT be moved from one PC to another but must be installed. Examples include MS Office, Quickbooks, Quicken, Card program, etc
If you have a desktop and do not need a monitor, let me know. If you have a laptop and want an additional monitor let me know or you may want a larger monitor
Laptop monitor size makes a big difference in cost and availability. The smaller sizes are less expensive, the larger more expensive. Larger (15 and up) are more expensive. Measure your current from bottom left to upper right and that is your screen size
~4 lbs and up are less money. Below 4 lbs get pricer.
Everyone uses their computer for basic website browsing, email, online banking, online billpay. If you have additional needs, let me know here
MS Office cost between $69-100 per year. It's worth it if you regularly write documents and spreadsheets. If you only write occasional letters or documents, then Open Office is free and very good and you save $$.
Any more info you want to pass on that might be helpful?