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In many cases saving data from a hard drive is possible. Even if the computer no longer works, it’s easy to pull the data off that hard drive.  Just call me and I can handle recovering data.

The hard problem is when the mechanical nature of the drive fails. In the case of hard drives, it is more a matter of WHEN not IF the hard drive will fail. All older hard drives are spinning drives and at some point the mechanisms in them go bad.  When that happens you will often hear a “clicking” sound.  At that point, I suggest turning it over to a lab that specializes in data recovery.  It’s a process that requires a clean room in which they can take apart the drive and rebuild it as needed to pull off the data.  It’s normally an expensive option, but it can be done.  I recommend contacting one of these 2 vendors to get further information:

http://www.thedatarecoverygeeks.com or