Backup your PC

Do you have photos stored on your computer or phone?  How about sensitive or important documents you don’t want to lose?   If so, do you have a backup plan?  Most folks don’t have a backup plan to ensure their data is safe, do you?

I suggest not only a backup plan, but a cloud based plan.  I can’t tell you how many people have used an external storage device that had all of their family photos and then one day it stopped working.  Guess what…all of these devices will eventually stop working.  They are not long term solutions.  On the other hand, the cloud backups below have your data stored in multiple data centers so if one goes down, your data is still available from another location.

IF you want to save your data, this is your best bet. Here are my top 3 suggestions for a backup plan.v

  1. Setup a Microsoft account and use One Drive.  You get 5 gig for free and for a few dollars more, more storage may be purchased.  Better yet, do you need Microsoft Office?  Go with Office 365 and get MS Office for 5 users plus each user gets 1 Terabyte (a LOT) of space for $99.  If your in a position to move your email, then move your email to this account and you can also have your email, contacts, phone numbers, and calendar also backed up. This means if your phone goes down or you replace your phone, you just have to enter your Microsoft account and all that data comes back down to your phone!
  2. Dropbox is a great solution. It is also cloud based and works with your phone, laptop and tablets.
  3. Western Digital Personal Cloud storage – this is a hybrid solution.  The previous 2 options are cloud based only.  This option is a traditional device connected to your router.  Then it stores items on the device first, then uploads to your cloud account.